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Sulawesi is one of the 34 provinces of the Republic of Indonesia with the capital Manado (formerly also called Menado.) It is a very mountainous and hilly area stretching from the Lebean-Wulur Mahatus Mountains in Minahassa, continuing to the Ambang and Gambuta Mountains in Bolaang Mongondow. In Sangihe Talaud there are both active and extinct volcanoes, some of which rise up to 1800-2000 meters.

The fertile volcanic ash has blessed North Sulawesi with rich fields. Rice, coconut, nutmeg, vanilla and vegetables are grown at different heights. A little lower in the plain, in Dumoga, Ayong and Sangkub (Bolaang Mongondow), corn and rice grow. Rice and wheat are grown on the high plains of Tondano (Minahasa) and Modoinding is known for its vegetable cultivation. Sangihe Talaud is famous for its quality nutmeg and its Rumbia trees, sago palms that produce the special flour to prepare traditional biscuits and snacks. North Sulawesi is blessed with many lakes such as Lake Tondano and Lake Moat. The Ongkag Mongondow, Ongkag Dumoga, Sungai Snagkub, Randangan, Bulia and others help irrigate the rice fields. Electricity is generated at the Tondano River and provides power to Manado and the surrounding area.

All possibilities for Scuba diving are available on North Sulawesi. Diving from the coral reefs of the Bunaken Marine Park and Bangka Strait to the fish ramparts and underwater volcanoes of the Sangihe Islands and the wonderful critters of the Lembeh Strait. Land-based activities include hiking in the Tangkoko Nature Reserve, home to the largest concentration of black-crested Macaques and the Tarsier (the world’s smallest monkey). There is also the Dumoga Bone National Park with the famous Babirusa pig deer. Beautiful waterfalls, climbing volcanoes and river rafting are some examples, even there is the possibility to play a round of golf. Furthermore, one can explore the plateau of Tomohon / Tondano with its rice fields, coconut plantations and flower gardens. But the most valuable thing about North Sulawesi is the friendly and candid population.

Fun Fact: Sulawesi is the world’s eleventh-largest island, covering an area of 174,600 km2, and home to the Babirusa, the endemic swine family.

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